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Study on Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas (SEGIRA)

The study provides a thorough assessment of employment, growth and innovation in rural areas with particular attention paid to women and young people. Key conditions to promote employment in rural areas were identified with statistical methods, both quantitative and qualitative.

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ÖIR conducted two main parts of the project:

A classification of all EU regions (NUTS 3) in types of urban and rural areas was done with a comprehensive set of variables – including an analysis of all agricultural and forestry EU funding (CAP). (see graphic)

ÖIR also provided the cases study “Oberkärnten” (western Carinthia) for the set of case studies that identified key conditions for employment, growth and innovation in rural areas.

Project team: Bernd Schuh, Pia Kaiser, Tobias Panwinkler, Joanne Tordy

Partners: ECORYS Nederland BV, ECOTEC, IDEA Consult and CRE

Client: European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development via ECORYS Nederland BV

Period of performance: 2010