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The results of the ESPON SUPER project are now available online

The goal of SUPER* is not merely to measure urbanization and land-use change in Europe, but also explain how it happens. For this purpose, the ESPON SUPER project carried out 11 in-depth case studies on the impact of interventions on land development practices, collected and analysed over 200 land-use interventions and 59 different EU policies, created three urbanisation scenarios, and created a toolbox for policymakers.

See https://www.espon.eu/super

This Applied research is conducted within the framework of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme, partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund. OIR was part of the project team and mainly responsible for the analysis of relevant EU policies and the conduction of two Case Studies – ‘Vision Rheintal‘ in Austria, ‘Revision of the Federal Law of Spatial Planning‘ in Switzerland.

* SUPER stands for ‘Sustainable Urbanisation and Land Use Practices in European Regions’.