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Revitalisation of regional infrastructure for rail freight transport in Styria – EU project REIF

Since April 2019, the Department 16 – Transport and Building – of the Styrian State Government is one of the project partners in the EU project REIF ("REgional Infrastructure for railway Freight transport - revitalized"). Project partners from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Poland and Austria develop action plans for the revitalization of regional infrastructure for rail freight transport in the participating regions. On behalf of the State Government, the OIR project team – Stephanie Kirchmayr-Novak, Wolfgang Neugebauer and Florian Fasching – identifies bottlenecks in the Styrian railway infrastructure and analyses the market potential for rail freight transport in Styria. The project runs until spring 2022. Further information is available at the REIF project website and the website of the Styrian State administration (in German).